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What area in your life do you want to transform?

What do you want to attract?

What do you want to create?

Enter the Black Mind Garden

The Black Mind Garden is a place where black minds come together to have deep conversations that explore the origins of our unconscious thoughts, emotions, and beliefs in order to achieve deep personal growth and development.  We focus on how we empower black and brown communities to decolonize our mindset and get at the source of our thoughts, feelings and actions so we can truly create a life we design.

Do I Dare Enter The Garden?

Well, honestly, if you are not looking to elevate your conversation and your thinking, the answer is No? However, if you want to maximize your communication, relationships, finances, parenting... If you  want to be around people to empower your abundance mindset... And if you want to understand why you do the things you do, and why other respond to you the way they do so you can deepen your connections and maximize your results with others, then the garden may just be for you...so read on.

This is About More Than "Mindset" 

This network is for those who truly want to understand themselves... who want to know why we think the way we think... and why we act and react and do the things we do... in order to achieve higher levels of success in career and business, breakthroughs in financial abundance, more effectiveness in our communication, more effective parenting, & deeper levels of intimacy in our friendships and relationships.

In this community, we are not going for "change" because fixing and changing implies something "wrong". We believe we are whole perfect and complete, and we are creating transformation all areas of our lives to create a new future for ourselves and others around us.

We call ourselves  Mind Metaphysicians... Are you ready to Join Us?

Why Should I Become a Mind Metaphysician?

 Because This is more than just a social networking community. This is a place for you to learn, connect, and grow.  AND to join is completely FREE.


If you CHOOSE to Upgrade to Mind ReMapping Nation ELITE Status You Get Instant Access To The Following:

Weekly Video Tips
Online Courses
Q & A sessions (Get Your Questions Answered)
Interactive Networking Opportunities
Live Mini-Workshops
Laser Coaching With Our Mind ReMapping Experts
Connection with Like Minded Similar Goal People

And that’s not all

  1. You’ll have access to highly trained coaches that you’ll get to interact with on weekly basis
  2. You’ll create lasting connections and friendships who honor who you are
  3. You’ll learn new ways to communicate with you kids, spouse, colleagues, boss so that you can start creating lasting change in those areas
  4. In this community, you will begin to take your life to a whole new level
  5. And there will be opportunities to more deeply train and develop yourself in the mastery of conscious communication, the unconscious mind, and the law of attraction.

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Who is Your Founder & Host

I'm Dr. Maiysha, & in short, I'm the founder of the Mind ReMapping Academy. With a background in psychology from Emory University, a Medical Degree from Morehouse School of Medicine, and a Master Certification in NLP, Hypnosis, and NLP Coaching, I'm passionate about all things brain, behavior and the unconscious mind. Though my path started traditionally with an MD & Family Medicine residency, life has been anything but traditional. I've helped hundreds transform their lives over the years, & my passion is helping my people eliminate limiting beliefs, negative thinking, & internal blocks that keep you from realizing your fullest potential so you can truly create a life YOU Design.

Other than that, I'm just your regular run of the mill crunchy granola, smack talking, spades playing, music loving, salsa dancing, poetry spitting, yoga practicing, proud Boy Mom!

What's At Stake...

I am a single mom of a young king in training. I have everything at stake. With all that is going on in our world, it's imperative that we change the narrative for our children. I'm doing this so that I can break old unconscious mental cycles in our community and create a new kind of legacy for our children. That's my life's assignment.. and this is just one of the ways I'm fulfilling it.

So Are You Ready To Transform Your Life,

 While Creating Connections that Last a Lifetime?

Then Join Our Community Now!

Why Did I Choose This Platform Instead of Create a Facebook Group?

Well, Because I’m a bit over traditional social media….
The Politics,The Algorithms
The Toxicity, The Noise
But I still want to connect with my peeps
And I want to empower you…
I want to continue to teach you the tools to create a life YOU design
I want to share with you the secrets of communication that produces results
I want to make you smile… at your own progress
I want to see those virtual head nods when the lightbulb comes on about how powerful you are
So I am creating a community where we can build lasting relationships




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